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Kimberly Ann Weber_ Author and Speaker t

Take  a Journey with Jesus and Me 

and experience a life of love, healing, and freedom; an abundant life where you are more than surviving. You are thriving. 

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You, your pain, and everything you have experienced in life matter to Jesus. Nothing is too great or insignificant for Him to heal. He understands. He experienced pain too. 


"Jesus walked the road before you,

so He can walk it with you now."


There is a process to inner healing. We need to know we are safe, we need things explained, and we need the skills to emotionally and cognitively process what happened.


It's a road you don't have to travel alone. I pray that Jesus and Me - A Journey of Love, Healing, and Freedom and the Healing Journal Workbook will be rich resources on your journey of transformation. 

You, my friend, are worth the journey. If you're ready to grab the nail-scarred hand that holds your past, present, and future, let's get started. Together. 

Kimberly Ann Weber


What Others Are Saying


“Kimberly invites us into her sacred story of discovery and encounter, and guides us down a path from brokenness to restoration. 


As a practicing psychotherapist, I'm excited to have this additional tool in my toolbox along with a new quality resource to recommend to clients. 

—  Donna Jaree Brooks, Psychotherapist 

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"You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll hear truth; the kind of truth that pulls you into a love encounter with the One who can change everything."  

“Kimberly has this ability to draw you into the arms of Jesus with such love and ease. I experienced Him and His love like never before. He is so real to me now. It is life-changing.” 

“Each time Kimberly spoke, the truth of her words gently peeled away the hurting layers of my heart. She gave me hope and a way out of the pain. There is truly healing for those who want to take the journey.”

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